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Quiet Player by Ata-Ur-Rehman

This picture... in you gallery that I have seen has hit me the most on the impact. If there was a seven (my fav number) I would press it...For your other pictures haven't hit me as hard. Indeed they were beautiful but it took me some time to find something.

But the second I spotted the title and saw the pic my hand moved and I knew I had to click this, for it would've have been an insult not to.

The emotion may be dull to others but for me it almost makes me cry.

The design is what helped me with the impact. If you had not put the signature at the bottom I would've thought ...I don't even know what i how or what I would think for it leaves me breathless (intended or not).

The swing, is a place of many things, joy or sorrow. People go to swings for either the joy that had taken place there or for the soothing feeling of being rocked back and forth. A thing I absolutely adore in pictures.

The size of the pictures hit me because the girl has her head bowed in a submissive pose and there are repeated pictures of her in that pose. As if it(the prayer) grows or shrinks over time.

From my perspective I believe it shrinks over time. A less colorful picture and one that maybe considered simple but it is indeed one of the most breath taking pictures I have ever seen.

For when we pray...most of the people do it in need than one of graditude...and when we are in that type of need we feel dry like the dessert in the pic (maybe even worse) and we have nothing to live off we pray. We pray and hope that our wish...or quite prayer is heard.
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