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Hey guys! I don't know who'll be even reading this but if you are then :icondragonhugplz:

:iconbegplz: Please, could/ can you donate to me some points?

But you don't have to do it just for free! :icononionhiplz:

7- points= Line art (1person)
12 points= line art (2 people)

Give me the points AFTER I finsh the pic.
:iconbummy2::iconbummy1:ALL IN COLOR :iconbummy1::iconbummy2:

15= 1 pic + 1 person
20= 1 pic + 2 people in it
25= 1 pic + up to 2 chibis (chibi's are full body)
30= 1 pic + 3 chibis (chibis are full body)
40= 2 pic + 2 people in each pic
45= 1 pic with four people or 1 pic + 4 chibis.

...Please donate :iconbegplz:

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  • :iconxadako:
    Donated Aug 2, 2013, 7:31:59 AM
  • :iconbigsmash:
    Donated May 14, 2013, 8:24:20 PM
  • :icongyngerr:
    Donated Mar 16, 2013, 2:59:07 PM
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THANK YOU HUG! by LunaLayosa-1031
A very late and very needed thank you hug for :iconjlrrblover: for the B-day gift that she gave me of my favorite vocaloids, the Kagamines! :iconmonkeyloveplz:

I would put up a link of the pic she made me but I can't get it up...

I've been wanting to thank you but I always feel guilty on talking on an account if I ddidn't draw/ update on the account (that and for a while I forgot my password) but I just wanted to tell her THANK YOU FOR THAT BEAUTIFUL GIFT!!!!!

That was like one of the only gifts I got in general that year, and it really touched me. 

People for some reason know when my birthday is even though I don't tell them.. Why is that? I love getting happy Birthdays from people and I wants to do the same thing!!! :iconrazyrollplz: How do I get to know when people's birthdays are coming up?

:icongragonhugplz: Any way Thank you! :iconjlrrblover: !

BTW, This is Alex (the boy) and Ruby. :iconjlrrblover:'s Oc's.

I had another pic of her other Oc's, Blood and Bloom, drawn  together but then I remebered these guys and thought that she would like it better if I drew/posted them. So I did. (that and when I drew both, I thought this one was cuter and added the chibi's in)

Arn't they adorable! :iconmonkeyloveplz: :icondragonglomp: :iconletmehugyouplz:
My first Oc's Ryou and Yuka by LunaLayosa-1031
My first Oc's Ryou and Yuka
These two were first inspired by these little guys :icondragonhugplz: 
Later I wanted to add them and another Oc who I will post up on another day

They will be added in my PPGZ fanfic, Memories lies (a reds, greens, and blues adventure/romance 
 story that tells / explains the things noone ever thought of with the series and how the ruffs and puffs will at first reluctantly warm up to each other.) If your interested in reading look it up on Fanfiction for the one here on DA is of my rough draft /first attempt (not even all of the chapters from that story were even posted here but yeah) ANy way it is at the same place, same name, just new/different chapters. Like a remake story with the same cover as the original.



Name: Royu (last name was renounced due to unkown reasons that I am not willing to give up just yet because of my story's sake)
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Birthday: He won't tell.
Eye color: Gold
Haircolor: Black and the tips dyed red due to a compact/promise he made with Yuka.
Favorite color: None
Parents: Deceased, he's been an orphan scince he was 10.
Goal in Life: Find a group of people or a person and get revenge. Yeah he wants to kill someone.
Light aura color: Was hit by white light.

Location of gaining powers: On a sinking boat, due to iceburg, off the coast of New Tokyo City.

How he got hit: He was the only thing with the lightest will in the area, his heart at the moment of the time filled with nothing but the wish to save his friend Yuka from being held hostage at knife point. And was hit when he was running to save her.
Hobby: Art, drawing, cooking, photography

Habits: Tends to over think and become really slow with tests, doesn't study,leans down or into something he's working intently on, sleeps a lot/ gets lulled to sleep easily in moving vehicles, and overtime starts looking out/over for his accidentprone/klutz of a traval companion, Yuka, good at getting what he wants, manipulative, ... I can't remeber the rest.

Worse subjects: History and Science

He's rude and curt when he's annoyed and grumpy. He doesn't hate being alone because he's so used to it. He doesn't hate being around people but the are times when he just wants to be by himself. He's a smart ass, reasonable and thinks rationally, tends to think before he acts. When he see's an artwrok or peice of art he analyes it and breaks down on how the artist made it and searches for it's meaing. He's quite...ish. He just dosn't talk and dosn't see anyreason to unless someone engaes with him first and is usually rude when you intend to get to know him and if he realizes you want to be his friend or get to know him, he will try to do so nicely in the brgining but then if you continue to pursue him he will not hold back. His reasons for not wanting friends I will not reveal. He despises opening up to people and has little friends. His only real one is Yuka who he's only known for a short while. If he dose make you his friend, he will be protective of you and overbearing when nessasary. He's not openly nice. He's a cool person. When he teases you that  means he cares for you. He dosn't judge people unless they give him a reason to. Not the type to get angry, only really annoyed but he can give off an ominous aura and death glare when annoyed. His temper usually only goes off around Yuka or another OC (who he hasn't met yet) called Judaai. When he is angry it's like a bomb, destructive with anything near it. He's a bit prideful. Dosn't know or understand romantical relationships. (Reasons for that are due to his parents realtionship and that will be explained in the future)

His personality  in some though is just that he is a chill, cool dude but dosn't like or want to show it so he puts up a loner-i'll-kill-you-if-you-come-near-me-facade.

As my personal Oc, he represents the Artistic side of my brain.


Name: Yuka (has no last name)
Gender: female
Age: 15
Birthday: Dosn't know
Eye color: Blue (when loses control, orange)
Haircolor: White(naturallly and gets teased for it but she loves her hair) the tips dyed blue due to a compact/promises she made with Royu.
Favorite color: Blue, green, and (though she won't admit it is for any oher reason and dosn't know it herself) gold.
Parents: Unkown. An orphan since she could remember.
Goal in Life: Find the family member she heard of and found out that is somehow related to the group, Royu is after.
Light aura color: Was hit by black light.

Location of gaining powers: On a sinking boat, due to iceburg, off the coast of New Tokyo City.

How she got hit: While she and Royu tried to find a way off of the sinking ship, she saw the black light about to hit Royu and knocked him out of the way/blocked it from him. The hit ended up stunning her  long enough to get caught by a guy who had, before the ship was hit by the iceburg, taken the ship hostage with the help of his team.
Hobby: Reading, writing, anime, and goofing off.

Habits: Can't help herself at a good deal or bargin (Royu ends up having to convince her not to buy the stuff they don't need or carry) Acts motherly with kids with out knowing it. Over worries on on thsmallest and most triflling of things. When she reads or watches anything, tends to yell or say her opionons/comments outloud(even randomly starts laughing out loud in public or private when she's caught up). She often rereads a line from a book out loud if she finds it funny.
Worse subjects: Math and irnoically, even though she's good at writing stories, Literature (due to to following the instructions)

Personality: Random. Goofball. Funny... ish. Sassy when you speak to her rudly. Naive. Optimistic. Out going. Shy at some meetings with new people  but only sometimes, other times she's like'Wanna be friends?' or' Hi I've never met you before but , how's it going' like you've been friends with her before. Dosn't hate people. Has a short temper but it's mostly outbursts, not true anger. When she's angry she's cold, and smooth faced calm angry if you will. You know the ones that are calm. Is rash and tends to run head first. Independent. Very close on holding her money. Good at bargening. Steals when needed. Pays people back. Wants friends all the time. Can deal with being alone but she dosn't want that, she hates it. She can deal with being made fun of and being hurt but she will be like a devil risen from hell if you hurt her friends. Doesn't want to get into romantic relationships and is terrified at the thought (I will explain later in future). Can easily forgive unless you did something unexcusable. What she truly wants is to keep having cherinshing memories with her friends and just be happy with them.

I can add more but I'm rushing.

They will be added to my PPGZ fanfic, Memories in the future.…
Sneakpeek: Internet Majo Ryou's consply shop! REDS by LunaLayosa-1031
Sneakpeek: Internet Majo Ryou's consply shop! REDS
:iconcommentplz: :iconreadplz: :iconcommentplz: :iconreadplz: :iconcommentplz: :iconreadplz: :iconcommentplz: :iconreadplz: 
My promise seek peak to :iconppgzmlpfimlover:.

:iconlachoirplz: There are gonna be some cute red moments in this comic... and alot of consplaying.... or cross consplaying? I donno what it's called.

Also, if your wondering (or even reading this) why I drew it like this. Well, I was looking at my old art and started wondering if I could still draw in PPGZ style.... In the end, I could just a bit. :iconsweatdropplz:Not exactly like the PPGZ style, it has a twist of my style but I still like how it ended up. I had done the top part of this pic during my birthday on Halloween, like done and colored but then I ended up adding more because of my imagination. I have more but I just need to draw the rest and color the boxes/scenes before and after the sneak peak I posted here.

Oh and just to let you know I'm going to the Philippines :iconcannotevenplz: tomorrow! And I'm cramming, I'll explain when I can so, Bye! 

Oh and the OC above is mine, his name in Ryou and he's (reluctantly) wearing a costume. When I find out how to post up DA links I'll place it here but for now if your interested, look in my gallery.

 :icondragonspin1::icondragonspin2::icondragonhugplz: Please comment! :icondragonhugplz: :icondragonspin1::icondragonspin2:

Also don't worry, I'm gonna continue the promise 'REDS! The promised comic' <da:thumb id="497256490"> P.s, can someone please explain how I put up links or thumb icons for the pic up? 
REDS! The promised comic for by LunaLayosa-1031
REDS! The promised comic for

I HAVE FINALLY DONE IT THE (first part) OF THE PROMISED COMICS!!! :iconhappytearsplz: 

I wanna cry!- from joy that I finished it and pain because I had to do all of this with a mouse and that it was too long! (Drawn with mouse and said and dailouge+notes were typed/written with mouse and paint net.)

This is the red comic (the blues is still in process) that I had promised from When board bother counter part green and  <da:thumb id="374393722">

The Oc's are the artist part of my brain and Author part. I thought it would be better if I just drew what they did in my head instead of writing it down. Inspired by these little guys :icondragonspin1::icondragonspin2:. I originally made them for the heck of it but then wanted to put them and with another Oc for this one girl's :iconkuku88: contest but my free Sai shut down after having it for eight months and I couldn't turn it into JPG without sai. I ended up deciding to just keep them amd use them for something and so they became the art and story reps/charas for my brain. I'm also going to use them as important aspects/characters in my ppgz fanfic 'Memories Lies'(link for story is a little bit below, please read it. I'd be happy if you did! :icondragonglomp:). If you want to know about them please wait until I get the info pic done.

So yeah, this comic along with those other pics i have/the info pics i had for those Ocs remaind in my usb until I got the license for sai, which took over seven months worth of searching on how to get another free one until I finally broke down and begged my mom to get it. :iconorzplz:

And. Yay, I'm not dead! :la:

At least not yet...

I'm not supposed to be on right now and my life is really busy for the past... uh (lost count how long its been), long time but I'll explain as soon as I can!

And if you review here and on my PPGZ fanfic I will work double time to get either the second part of this up, another comic that is being done, another chapter, or two of the above.

Memories Lies fanfcition link…

I missed you all and love you all! And there are some people I still need to personally thank later for their gifts last year, and omgissies my mail box is over flowing with stuff. XC (if someone knows, please give me an icon that would show how unecited I am to look through all of it)

Now I have to go or my mom will literally, and i am not kidding, break my laptop. (Edit:I'm editing some of this on my phone and I can't preview or write in my journal to explain because my internet on my laptop sucks right now!!!! :iconorzplz:

P.S I forgot how to make icons SOS, HELP ME. (Edit: never mind but please feel free to give out any more icon ideas :icononibow:)

P.s.s thank you for reading!!! :icononibowplz: and :icondragonglomp: And don't steal please or use without permission.

Drawn with mouse and said and dailouge+notes were typed/written with mouse and paint net.


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